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Club Nights

Do you run with an established Group or Club?

 If so then you might be interested in our new club nights.

The idea is simple - firstly, you need to nominate your club. Once a date has been agreed, you will be able to use our Wood Street Store for one of your weekly meet-ups. Go off for your normal run and when you return we will provide the food, drink and a place for you to hang out for an hour or so.

For us, Run has always been about more than just selling shoes. From sponsored athletes, brand ambassadors, brand evenings and awards night, we have always wanted our store to be seen as much more than somewhere to shop.

We plan to do around 3 of these events each year, with the first one starting in April/May and numbers will be limited. So, if this sounds like something your club or group might be interested in, then please get in touch via the contact page.

If you don't run with a group or club, don’t worry as we have other events planned. You will find more information on our ‘In-Store Events’ page.

Please note there is a waiting list for the club nights.


Swindon Lakeside Leg Spinners - April 2022                         
All images by @shotbyhugo__ (Instagram)